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Medellin Roasting Company

Arabica colombian coffee

Single Origin 

Single-origin refers to coffee grown within a single known geographic origin, meaning either a single farm, multiple farms from the same country, or just a blend of the coffees grown from that country It could also mean an entire country that produces a wide variety of beans.

Micro lots

Specialty Coffee Micro lots are special lots of coffee, selected for their high quality and unique flavor profiles. You will usually find micro-lots within larger farms or estates, grown in limited quantities and picked and processed entirely separately to the rest of the farm’s lots.

Direct Trade

Direct relationships with the Coffee farmers and processors who sell their products. There is no single set of direct trade standards, and specific trade practices vary as direct trade practitioners view their model as one of the mutually beneficial and transparent trade relationships


When "cupping" coffee one word that could be used as a descriptor is "exotic."  This generally refers to unusual aromatic and flavor notes, such as berry or floral.  Exotic flavors are those which you don't normally experience while drinking your normal cup of coffee and are often undertones or subtle notes in the overall flavor


It refers to the coffee exporters of commercial Colombian Excelso UGQ screen 14, Excelso EP screen 15, and Supremo screen 17/18


Organic Raw Cacao, Coffee Beans, Produced without the aid of artificial chemical substances, such as certain additives or some pesticides and herbicides.