Coffee beans

Colombian Coffee

Single - Origin Direct Trade Specialty Coffee

Cooperativa de café del Huila Asomujer is a specialty coffee cooperative, it was formed in 2007 by the initiative of 10 rural women from the municipality of Timaná (Huila), who decided to look for new and better business alternatives that would generate greater income from their products; The association has 75 associates, among them we have women fighters, mothers who are heads of household and displaced by the armed conflict in Colombia, who are distributed in the Municipalities of Timaná, Elías, and Tarqui.
We constantly strive to produce and market high-quality Geen Coffee Beans, single-origin specialty coffee micro-lots, excelso UGQ, EP, Supremo, and many more, providing technical support to all associates throughout the process of production, processing, and sale of coffee.

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