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Attention coffee connoisseurs! Get ready to experience the taste of a rare and unique coffee - our Pink Bourbon Micro-Lot. This specialty Colombian green whole bean Arabica coffee is a single-origin with only 70 kgs available. Our Pink Bourbon Micro-Lot is the perfect choice for those who appreciate high-quality coffee that offers a unique taste.

Our Pink Bourbon Micro-Lot stands out for its distinct characteristics that make it a one-of-a-kind coffee. It has a medium-high acidity, a delightful aroma of caramel and dry fruits, and a medium body. The flavor is delicate and persistent with notes of vanilla, cocoa, chocolate, grapes, panela, caramel, and juicy consistency - making it sweet and consistent.

This coffee is sourced from various farms, coops, or stations, and its varietal is Pink Bourbon. The processing method used is fully washed, and the coffee is grown at high altitudes ranging from 1,250 to 2,150 meters above sea level. The owner of the farm is Carlos Castro, and it is located in La Argentina, Huila, with the farm size ranging from 2 to 5 hectares on average. 

Our Pink Bourbon Micro-Lot is truly a unique and exceptional coffee that you won't find anywhere else. We take pride in our direct trade relationships with the farmers in Colombia, ensuring that we deliver the best coffee to our customers while helping the local communities.

We recommend using this coffee for drip brewing or pour-over methods to bring out the full flavor notes. Our Pink Bourbon Micro-Lot is available in a 70kg bag size, and the harvest months are year-round, depending on the region.

In summary, our Pink Bourbon Micro-Lot is a coffee lover's dream come true. It's a specialty, single-origin, and direct trade Colombian coffee that offers a unique and rare taste. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience this exceptional coffee. Order now and let your taste buds experience the delicious notes of our Pink Bourbon Micro-Lot.

Explore the Unique Flavors of Colombian Specialty Coffee at Dead Farmers Coffee At Dead Farmers Coffee, we take pride in our commitment to providing the highest quality coffee to our customers. Our Colombian coffee selection is no exception, with a range of single-origin beans that are ethically sourced and roasted to perfection. One of our most unique offerings is the Pink Bourbon Micro Lot, a rare coffee that is highly sought after for its sweet, fruity taste and floral aroma. This coffee is grown in small quantities on a single farm in Colombia, and we are proud to be one of the few roasters in the world to offer it. In addition to the Pink Bourbon Micro Lot, we also offer a range of specialty Excelso grades, such as Excelso UGQ and Excelso EP. These coffees are carefully selected for their unique flavor profiles and roasted to bring out their best qualities. At Dead Farmers Coffee, we are committed to direct trade and ethical sourcing practices, which means we work directly with farmers and cooperatives to ensure fair prices and sustainable practices. Our customers can trust that every cup of coffee they enjoy from us has been ethically sourced and roasted to perfection. If you're a fan of commercial Colombian coffee but haven't explored the world of specialty coffee, now is the time to try. Visit Dead Farmers Coffee today to discover the unique and delicious flavors that await you.

As a leading coffee provider in Miami, Dead Farmers Coffee takes pride in offering the highest quality coffee beans and products to our customers. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we have become the go-to source for coffee lovers across the city. At Dead Farmers Coffee, we understand that great coffee starts with great beans. That's why we source our beans from the best coffee-growing regions in the world, ensuring that every cup of coffee we serve is rich, flavorful, and unforgettable. Whether you prefer a bold, dark roast or a smooth, light blend, we have something to suit every taste. In addition to our premium coffee beans, we also offer a range of products designed to help you enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every time. From French presses to pour-over brewers, we have everything you need to make your coffee experience a truly enjoyable one. At Dead Farmers Coffee, we are passionate about our craft and dedicated to providing our customers with the very best coffee and service in the business. Whether you're a coffee aficionado or simply looking for a delicious cup of coffee to start your day, we invite you to visit us and taste the difference for yourself. So if you're looking for the best coffee in Miami, look no further than Dead Farmers Coffee. With our commitment to quality, expertise, and customer service, we are the premier choice for coffee lovers throughout the city.

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