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Cooperativa de cafés especiales de Nariño is a Single Origin Direct Trade Wholesale green coffee exporter that was started by initiatives of several producers 7 years ago in buesaco nariño in order to search for differentiated markets and for coffee farming to be sustainable, we started working with 25 founding partners in 2012 and with varietal crops in some coffee farms, it has commercialized through some Colombian specialty coffee exporters that helped us learn and standardize processes and products. In 2015, it was decided to start direct export with the support of some customers in the United States with the commitment to improve the quality of life of our producers. Our social commitment is clear to be able to improve the quality of life of all the components that participate in the production of coffee.
We have around 2000 producers with farms ranging from 1600 M to 2400 M who work directly with our company and work teams, which guarantees a flow of fresh, high-quality coffee.

Unroasted Green Coffee Beans

Specialty Coffee

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